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Actions Designed to Provide Economic Relief and Business Opportunity in Face of Covid-19 Hardships

Portland, OR — Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and measures to prevent its spread put into place by Oregon’s Governor and public health officials, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) has made a number of significant changes to provide greater flexibility to the industries we regulate.
The changes including enacting temporary rules, licensing process changes, and waiving certain fees connected with business and licensing transactions.
The information and documents explaining these changes and other documentation can be found on OLCC’s website, on a dedicated Covid-19 Business Continuity page that focus on OLCC’s response to the coronavirus in three key areas: liquor licensing and compliance, marijuana licensing and compliance, bottle bill and beverage container redemption center.
Here is a summary of the agency’s actions to date:
  • Commissioner Meetings:
    • Commissioners on call for temporary rulemaking
    • The OLCC is considering taking additional action to temporarily modify its Alcohol and Marijuana Programs
Alcohol Program actions the OLCC has taken:
  • Affirmed that Distillers are ALLOWED to produce hand sanitizer;  there is NO OLCC PROHIBITION on this activity
  • Providing Relief to holders of Temporary Sales License (TSL) by allowing alcohol returns
  • Allowing holders of Annual Retail License to return beer, wine & cider
  • Fast tracking ability for restaurants to receive a temporary license for off-premises sales license before OLCC collects payment for the license
  • Fast tracking ability for restaurants, bars and similar establishments to deliver beer, wine and cider
  • Expedited the process for bars & restaurants to obtain 90-day authorities to operate for off-premises sales
  • Allowing delayed payment of (beer & wine) privilege tax
  • Liquor licensees can return liquor to OLCC agent-operated stores and NOT have to pay the usual 8% restocking fee.
  • Providing Opportunity for Third-Party E-Commerce Operators (Beverage & Food Delivery App Couriers) 
  • Refunding money paid by applicants for cancelled Special event licenses
  • Making it easier to obtain an Alcohol Service Permit
  • Expanded flexibility for liquor stores
Marijuana Program actions the OLCC has taken:
  • Making it easier to obtain a Marijuana Worker Permit

For additional information, contact:
Mark Pettinger at 503-872-5115
Marijuana Program Spokesperson
[email protected]
Matthew Van Sickle at 503-872-5002
Alcohol Program Public Affairs
[email protected]