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Hold the blame.  Take action.

Highway 238 is a beautiful road, tracing our Applegate River past vineyards and old barns. It’s also a dangerous road. Anyone with the PulsePoint App installed on their phone receives a notification every time there is a vehicle accident. The alert sounds far too often.

A recent fatal motorcycle accident shut down the highway for several hours and fired up community conversation and a social media stir. Why are there so many accidents on our highway? Some speculated that the road is too narrow, or that tar repairs are causing traction problems. Others questioned the speed limit. Some blamed certain groups: Newcomers, truck drivers, lake-goers, wine-tasters, motorcyclists—even slow drivers.

Social media and community conversation have their place, but to get research-based information and action to address our safety issues, the best course of action is to petition the Oregon Department of Transportation. ODOT has funds available for Corridor Planning and Assessment.  If you are interested in taking action, address a letter or email to ODOT and include the following:

*Your personal relationship and experience with Highway 238

*A description of why you think the highway is unsafe.

*A request for a Highway Planning and Corridor Assessment.

You can drop your letter off at A Greater Applegate’s office at Sunshine Plaza in Ruch, or email them to [email protected]. The letters will be gathered and sent to ODOT.

Thoughts to share? We’d love to hear from you directly! Please email: [email protected]