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Fundraiser for The Applegater: The Gater-est Show on Earth

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The Applegater is looking for volunteers to help us put on the Gater-est Show on Earth at Valley View Winery on October 1 from 4:30pm-7:30pm. Volunteer to be with us! Preparation is half the fun. We need people to help with the following things:

*Organize a go-fish booth for children—buy the prizes (we’ll pay for them), make the booth, make the fishing poles, etc.
* Organize a game booth—a ring toss, maybe, or can knock-down using apples. For ideas and directions, google “free carnival game ideas,” go to, and click on “soda toss” and “knock-down” to see how these games work.
* Do the popcorn or cotton candy booth. Or caramel apples?
*Do you juggle, walk on stilts, do face painting, twist balloons into animal shapes…

and more!

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