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The Tortoise and the Hare Sanctuary is looking for volunteers!

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We are a small sanctuary with 50 rescued residents including special needs endangered Desert Tortoises (e.g., missing arm or leg, shell damage), domestic Rabbits, domestic Turkeys, Rooster, and Chickens, Cats. and Dogs. We are located near McKee Bridge. Our primary Animal medical doctor is at the Rogue River Veterinary Clinic in Rogue River that is the only clinic in the area with extensive experience in the care of Birds, Rabbits, and Reptiles. We are seeking volunteers for two different kinds of roles:

We are seeking people who would be able to drive one of our residents for medical emergency to out vet and / or people who can help evacuate our animals during a wildfire event. The destination in both cases is Rogue River. The Animals travel in carriers and must be inside a vehicle protected from the cold or heat and noise. The Turkey travels in a large cage which requires use of SUV type vehicle.
If you are interested in being an animal transport volunteer, please fill out this form.

We are seeking people who can regularly come and help with feeding Animals, cleaning out their enclosures and general duties around the sanctuary. We ask that you be available at least two days a month to help with these tasks. If you are interested in being an on-site sanctuary volunteer, please fill out this form.

Please get in touch if you have any questions!

Many thanks,

Gay Bradshaw
[email protected]

Skills Needed

Animal care experience and / or willingness to learn

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