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OLCC Will Temporarily Accept Expired State of Oregon Issued ID

April 8, 2020
The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will allow alcohol and marijuana licensees to accept expired Oregon driver licenses or identification cards that expired, on or after March 8, 2020, as an acceptable form of identification.

This decision aligns with the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles and law enforcement position, as DMV offices are closed because of the COVID-19 public health crisis preventing individuals from renewing their driver’s license or ID cards.
This temporary exception only applies to driver licenses and identification cards issued by the State of Oregon. This exception will remain in place while the Governor’s Executive Order 20-03 remains in effect.
This addresses a concern, brought to the attention of the OLCC, faced by former Oregon Medical Marijuana Program cardholders, who have transitioned to the recreational marijuana system, but have driver’s licenses or identification cards that have expired.
On March 20, 2020, The Oregon DMV asked law enforcement to exercise discretion in enforcing violations due to expired credentials and the Oregon State Police, Oregon State Sheriff’s Association and the Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police have agreed to support this “grace period.”
Additional information can be found in the OLCC recreational marijuana program FAQ.
Information about COVID-19 related changes to OLCC rules, program and compliance/enforcement can be found on the OLCC COVID-19 Business Continuity page on the OLCC website.
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