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… the tumbleweeds are actually weed. -Maluhia Ose

… you see turkey vultures circling above your property in spring and immediately take a head count of your cats. -Diana Slater

… you’re blowing madrone leaves like it’s fall in July. -Sang Montage

…you tell folks you live off 238 between Jacksonville and Grants Pass-Debra Mayberry

…when you crest Jacksonville Hill and let out a big sigh.–Stacie Brink

…you’ve got the license plates memorized of the cars you pass by on your way to/from work everyday -Josh

… your dog is missing and the whole valley helps the pup get back home safely. -Jan

…when you’ve memorized Applegate Christian Fellowship’s  band schedule while you’re out watering your garden -Bette Thompson

…you give directions using people’s names or events instead of North, South, East West. For example:  “Go down passed Turner’s old place where Joe wrecked his truck a couple years back. There’s a rusty tractor in the field, turn left. If you get to Mack’s, you went too far.” -Natalie Schroeder

…you finally learn to get your firewood in the summer and repair your mower in the winter. –Christina Ammon

…you can sit on your deck on a warm summer day and watch paragliders floating in the sky.” -Vickie Aubel

…you attended the Barter fair. -Geri Kulp

…a helicopter flies over your house and you immediately check Pulse Point. -Amy Miller Rouse

…your pasture has more broken-down vehicles than livestock.– Allie Parkin

…you refill your bird feeders daily, but not because of the birds. -Amy Miller Rouse

…your last name is Applegate. -Darren C. Applegate

…you use gas from the lawnmower because you aren’t going to make it to the nearest gas station.-Jessica Christie

…you hear the acronym BLM and you think of Bureau of Land Management –even though your city-friends meant Black Lives Matter. -Lily and Seth Kaplan

…the sound of your .22 brings circling hawks because they know you took out another ground squirrel in your garden. -Jordan Freese

…you’re willing to pay $6.00 for a pint of cream to avoid driving to town. -Christina Ammon

… you can easily tell the difference between the smell of weed and the smell of skunk. -Sandy Franklin

… you work all day in the mountains and head back into cell-range and your phone lights up with 20 notifications. — Vickie Aubel

…getting a load of road gravel for your birthday is the best gift ever! -Tracy Smith

…you stop in the middle of the road to chat with a neighbor driving the opposite way. –unknown

…you’re driving home and realize ‘Oh (bleep)! I need gas!’ but the gas gauge is still on a quarter tank- Amy Crump

… you see the leaves turn brilliant colors in the fall and know what your city friends are missing.  -Babs Wood

…if you want a good bagel you bake it yourself.- Liz Tree

…when you have wood in the woodshed early spring and hay in the barn early summer.– Kelsey Traina

…you don’t care that Jville Hill is closed due to snow and ice.– Ida Lupino

…your ‘neighbors’ live a few miles down the road. — Amber Bishop

…you put your garbage cans out early Thursday morning so the bear aren’t dumping them over Wednesday night. — Janica Peacock

…you drive an hour one way to work, but wouldn’t dream of living in the city.– Clara Field

…you have 3+ dogs. — Amber Bishop

… you finally stop dreaming of restaurant delivery. – Liz Tree

… you go house shopping on the coast every August. — Christina Ammon

…you go to an event and Megan Fehrman is there -Conrad Rogmans

…you nod and wave at every car you pass.– Shonda Sinclair

… your kids have several extra swimsuits, sweatshirts etc because ‘we are not driving all the way back home! -DeAnne Hayes

… you call your neighbor to check and see if you turned the burner off because you are already in Grants Pass. –DeAnne Hayes

… you carry a cooler to go shopping — Dana Bartlett

… you use your camp stove during a power outage. –Nancy Sutton

…you sit on the porch in the evening and know each bark of every dog you hear in the distance. –Andy Baugh

… you are so grateful to the generous hard working local businesses and support them whenever possible. Thankful that they actually sell food and useful items nearby. -Lisa Horn

…neighbors help neighbors when needed. You can give a shout out and someone will come and help you through the hard places of life. -Lisa Horn

… you have several jugs of water in your bathroom just in case the power goes out.–Marni Brown

… your neighbor continuously comes over with extra veggies from their garden.-Marni Brown

…you always have foxtails in your bras and underwear!—Christina Ammon

…going to the hardware store is your social hour.– Raven Brault

…you call up your neighbors to let them know you’re going to Costco and ask them what they need. –Raven Brault

…you’ve jumped off the McKee Bridge rope swing! -Darren Applegate

…three of your four seasons are fire, wine and weed.  -Wendy Pepper

…you never want to leave. – Amber Bishop


  • Avatar Dave Applegate says:

    ….when you have to drive or walk a half mile to your mailbox – Dave Applegate

  • Avatar cathy says:

    Oh this was wonderful !!!! So much fun to read, brought the Applegate to life…again…. and all so true !!!!!!!!

  • Avatar Jacqueline says:

    I relate to just about all of these!! The stand out is the Barter Faire!!!! Can someone refresh my memory as to where it was held? This goes way back like 25+ years then it was gone. I believe in the 90’s? Do you recall Geri??

  • Christina Christina says:

    I think I went in 1994! Not sure what year it got shut down…

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