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Due to COVID-19, many of our community members are struggling with loneliness of isolation and lack of communal connection, or a business shut-down, as “non-essential”, or loss of a job, and even loss of loved ones. This is a difficult time for many and probably all of us are somewhat riding a roller coaster of emotions from sadness, grief, fear and anxiety, to joy, hopefulness, and even gratitude for the time to relax. Just in case you are experiencing emotional ups and downs, know that you’re not alone. In fact, you may find the resources in this article from Wild Fern Natural Health helpful.
What if, while we’re in one of the “up emotional phases” we consider this “challenging time” as a great gift of opportunity to respond with creativity and connection? Many in our community are finding new ways to stay connected and help each other. Here are some sweet examples we’ve recently heard of; two nurses who, working long shifts, chose to share a rental apartment close to work, rather than go home each night and possibly infect their spouse and/or children; then, there’s the Medford woman who is cooking homemade meals for three of her elderly neighbors, delivering the meals to their doors; and, the young man in Central Point who is grocery shopping and delivering groceries to two disabled neighbors.
Our Family Farms has been inspired by these acts of kindness and we’ve organized a new benefit project. 
You’re invited to share your appreciation and gratitude to local, front-line workers, while also supporting local family farmers by donating to Farm Fresh Food to the Front-Line.
Your donation will be allocated to purchasing $25.00 Our Family Farms Gratitude Gift Cards that will be awarded to workers on the front-line.
 Our first round of donations will go specifically to health care team members directly engaged in testing, identifying, protecting and treating COVID-19 patients. The cards can be redeemed at farmer’s markets, Growers and Crafters Markets in Medford, Grants Pass & Ashland as well as select farm stores, including Whistling Duck Farm Store (Grants Pass) and Fry Family Farm Store (Central Point). See our website as we add more businesses who support local food production.
If you become an Our Family Farms sustaining member (monthly donation) before the end of April 2020, your first month’s membership fee will be donated to this initiative. Remember, the more you donate, the more front line workers we can thank.

Or, you may prefer to make an on-line tax deductible contribution at our website or feel free to send a check or cash to Our Family Farms, PO Box 555, Medford, OR 97501. (if mailing, please include a note “for the Front-Line project”).

While traveling through Rogue Valley International – Medford airport, you may have noticed this welcoming phrase: The Rogue Valley Celebrates Farms and Farm workers.
Please DONATE TODAY to Farm Fresh Food to the Front-Line and help CELEBRATE Rogue Valley Farmers and Farm workers AND…THANK Rogue Valley Front Line Workers!
Peggy Smith
On Behalf of Our Family Farms Board of Directors