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Hello there!

The Applegate Country Club is proud to announce our new Senior Care Package Program. It’s for seniors in our Applegate Valley who are over 65.

Year ago, when I was in the military, my mother used to send me the most amazing Care Packages. All my friends would gather around when I opened them to be sure to get some of her homemade baked goods. I’ve never forgotten how those boxes made me feel. I knew no matter what I was going through, someone out there loved me enough to take the time to do that. Fast forward thirty years, and it occurred to me that it would be really nice for our seniors to know that we care, but more importantly, that they have a resource to provide some groceries for the week, some toilet paper!, and some reassurance that this will all be okay.

So, we at the ACC have launched this program. Once a week we will be delivering Care Packages that include: eggs, bacon, bread, cheese, ham, toilet paper, cookies, protective gloves (for trips to town they can’t avoid), and more. (Note: this is NOT our grocery delivery service. This service is free for seniors!)

To apply, please use this link:

Feel free to forward this email to any seniors in our valley who may need it.

Together, we can not only make it through this tough time, we can do so with grace, love, and by caring for others.

Thanks so much for your time – and for all the support you’ve offered to the ACC. We miss you!



If you’ve heard about our weekly grocery delivery service, and are interested in that, please click here:

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