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 A creative community is a healthy community.

“We are all artists,” Kimberly Schneeman says, “It’s a matter of opening the creative process up.” Schneeman would know. From her time teaching art in Ashland to teaching at Williams Elementary School (and many other places!), she’s seen countless people uncover their creativity.

Many have simply enjoyed the psychological boost of making art; others have gone on to make a living. Either way, the benefits are undeniable.

In 2022, Schneeman received an Innovation Grant from A Greater Applegate to expand her artistic mission in rural Williams. She did this by creating an Open Studio space at the Dorothy Gales Event Centre. The ‘Open Studio’ model involves setting up a space with canvasses, easels, paints and brushes and welcoming people of all ages. It has set hours each week and just a $10 drop-in fee is required to use the resource. Also: An openness to create!

The Open Studio fulfills some of the Applegate Valley Vision goals. The 89-page Vision document reflects the outcomes of the 2020-2021 listening sessions held throughout the valley. A recurring theme at the sessions was a desire for more local art and culture.

Schneeman supplemented the grant with funds from other sources. She also kept her eyes out for  great deals on the supplies needed to stock the studios. While Covid delayed her dream of starting the Open Studio earlier, she did benefit by procuring supplies from several teachers who took their courses online. She also continually receives donations—like flowers from a local florist that she can set up for Still Lifes.

“We had a kiln donated a couple weeks ago,” she says. Schneeman has long experience with ceramics and is excited to expand the studio’s  repert0ire of offerings.

Open Studio is held every Wednesday from 4-6 pm at Dorothy Gales Event Center at 14458 Williams Highway. There is a $10 drop-in fee.