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Stories on the Land

Applegate Valley Community Newspaper, Inc. (AVCN), the nonprofit 501(c)(3) that publishes the Applegater Newsmagazine, plans to publish Stories on the Land, a previously unpublished document researched and written for the Bureau of Land Management in 1996 by George McKinley and Doug Frank. As engaging as it is informative, Stories on the Land traces changes in the Applegate landscape and delineates the processes that contributed to those changes, focusing on the human presence—human understandings of, purposes for, and activities on the land that have had concrete effects on the land. It describes the historic assets the land has given us and the achievements of the people who benefitted from the plenitude of this region. By publishing this book, AVCN will be recovering a little-known history of the Applegate to share with the public. Look for this book in late 2019.